2021 Smashed Guitars: USA




Paul Stanley smashed these guitars on stage in North America in 2021. Only a limited number of guitars remain. Don’t miss your chance to own a smashed guitar from the city of your choice.

What you get:

  • The SMASHED Paul Stanley PS40 Ibanez guitar that Paul broke at the show of your choice.
  • SIGNING: Paul will sign the guitar. Our staff will send you one digital photograph of Paul posing with your signed guitar.

NOTE to USA Buyers:  FedEx Ground is your least expensive option for shipping within the United States.

NOTE to International Buyers: FedEx International Economy is your least expensive option for shipping outside the United States.


Paul will write ONE of the following inscriptions on your guitar:

[NAME (Optional)],

I smashed this guitar in [CITY]


[TOUR NAME (Optional)]



I smashed this guitar for you, [NAME (Optional)]


[TOUR NAME (Optional)]


You may provide the optional inscription details at checkout, or our staff will follow up with you for the inscription after your order is placed.

Note: Paul is unable to sign any additional items, nor can he write or include any personal notes or messages with your guitar purchase. Only the guitar will be signed with one of the above inscription options.

Photos shown on this site may not be representative of the instrument you will receive. Occasionally, Paul used different guitar models or guitar finishes other than black. Each stage-used Paul Stanley instrument is a one-of-a-kind, unique collectible.