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Paul Stanley is offering the KISS Navy a very special guitar aboard KISS Kruise X! The artwork for this guitar has NOT YET BEEN FINALIZED, but each year we have guests who wish to purchase these collectible guitars sight-unseen! Artwork will be posted once the design for the KISS Kruise X guitars are finalized.

Artwork for previous years’ KISS Kruise guitars are shown below so you can see the style of these commemorative guitars.

You’ll get:

  • A Paul Stanley Limited Edition Special Custom KISS Kruise X Ibanez PS120 guitar autographed to you, in person, by the Starchild! (Includes hard shell guitar case.)
  • An intimate event aboard the KISS Kruise X with Paul! This event is open ONLY to buyers of Paul Stanley instruments aboard the KISS Kruise plus one guest.
    You are allowed to bring ONE guest to attend the Q&A. (Parents with minor children are welcome to bring their children too.)
  • A photo with Paul and your new guitar! Paul will also autograph two of your collectibles or memorabilia items!
    * Note: Paul will NOT sign guitars or guitar parts, pick guards, or other musical instruments aside from the KKIX commemorative guitar.
  • SIGNING: Paul will sign your guitar in person, and our staff will photograph Paul signing your guitar.

The commemorative guitars’ artwork is applied by Ibanez during the manufacturing process.

All sales are final. No returns. This package does not include tickets to the KISS Kruise. You will need to book KISS Kruise X separately. Guitars are numbered and sold in numeric order (buyer #1 will receive guitar #1, and so on. We will not sell guitars out of the order that they are numbered.)

Payment plans are available. Email info@paulstanleyguitars.com for details.

Examples of previous years’ KISS Kruise commemorative artwork guitars: 


There is a 100 character limit for your guitar inscription.

Suggested inscriptions:

Thanks for rockin’ with me on KKIX!


Get up – Everybody’s gonna move their feet!
Get down – Everybody’s gonna leave their seat!



This is my music, it makes me proud
These are my people and this is my crowd!