Paul Stanley Signature 12-String Acoustic Guitar


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What you get:

  • A Paul Stanley signature model 6-string acoustic guitar. Only a limited number of these remain in inventory, and they are being offered at a special price. When they’re gone, they’re gone! (Guitar comes with a case.)
  • Paul will personalize your guitar (limit 100 characters) and you will receive a photograph of Paul with your guitar.

NOTE to USA Buyers:  FedEx Ground is your least expensive option for shipping within the United States.

NOTE to International Buyers: FedEx International Economy is your least expensive option for shipping outside the United States.


Please provide the inscription you wish Paul to write on your guitar at checkout. There is a 100 character limit for your inscription:

Recommended inscriptions:


Get up – Everybody’s gonna move their feet!
Get down – Everybody’s gonna leave their seat!



This is my music, it makes me proud
These are my people and this is my crowd!



Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 8 in