What fans say…

What are fans saying about their Paul Stanley
smashed guitar experiences?



My name is Tom Anderson and you smashed the guitar at the Toronto, Canada concert, September 10, 10 in my Honor. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you 1 on 1 that day. I have been a true fan for 36 years. Meeting the co-founder of the greatest band in the world was a dream come true. You were a kind and gracious gentleman and I appreciated that. Knowing that you are an accomplished artist, I thought you may appreciate how I displayed my prized possession. It’s entitled “STAR STRUCK” and it is proudly displayed in my billiards room at my home. Thank you for making that day one that I will remember for the rest of my life!

Thomas Anderson


I have to share one of the Greatest Weekends of my Life!

A few months ago, I heard KISS were stopping in Ft McMurray, AB much to my surprise! Then I saw the chance to take home Paul’s Smashed Guitar!

I have been front and center hoping to take that guitar home from every KISS show I have been to including Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Auckland N.Z., and several shows in Australia. Add the chance to sit down with the Starchild one on one and it was the opportunity of a lifetime! I debated the cost versus the experience I’d get – for about five minutes – then the Universe said “DO IT !!”

So, I locked it up and spent the next month brimming with anticipation.Finally, the day of the show came. Once there and the rest of our group were in line and ready to secure some nice spots up front. At about 8:30pm, we whisked through the Band M&G area and straight to the dressing room area. I could not believe I was standing right near the “Superman” curtain, behind which the Make-Up Ritual happens! Francis took us into the band hospitality room and presented us with the guitar while he went to see if Paul was ready.

About 2 minutes later…in walks PAUL STANLEY in full costume and standing 7’ Tall. My boys were speechless. Paul pulled up a chair and started talking to Dylan first. Asking him what he wanted to be when he grows up (a vet) and asking him where he got his costume. I think Dylan convinced Paul to get his next costume online as well…! Then it was Alex’s turn, Paul complemented him on his KISS ARMY shirt and made him feel quite proud of his attire! Paul and the boys then made bets with each other about how many pieces the guitar would break into. It was agreed that 3 pieces would be the best! We then all took some pictures with Paul and the Guitar! A highly recommended experience!!

Dylan could not wait to see that thing gets SMASHED at the end of the show….he sat up on my shoulders for two solid hours! When “Rock n Roll All Nite” started…we knew it wasn’t far away. Francis handed the Washburn to Paul…and to center stage he went. When the time came to sacrifice that instrument, Paul gave it one final kiss…and with a wall of fire as a background…down in came! Paul picked up the 3 PIECES and turned to us and pointed the neck at us “THAT’S FOR YOU”.

After the show Francis brought over the Guitar signed “To Dale, Alex & Dylan.” THAT…makes it all worthwhile. I would do it again in a heartbeat…

Dale Kemp

“Wow! What an amazing night… I`ve been a huge KISS fan since `77 and was knocked out the first time I saw them in 1980. So when the opportunity came up to meet and greet with Paul and get the actual guitar from the Manchester show, I just had to do it.

“I must say the arrangements for the meeting were spot on. My son was asking me ‘What are you going to say?’ Having been a fan for so long, I had so many possible questions to ask, but would nerves get the better of me? The time came, and Paul entered the room looking very chilled and relaxed, greeting us with a firm handshake. The guitar for the show was on a table, and we soon got to take some pictures together.

“The concert itself was the best I had seen of the tour so far, with a crazy full house crowd. Finally, the time came for ‘Rock And Roll All Nite.’ What a fantastic feeling I got seeing Paul Stanley smashing ‘my’ guitar at the end of an unbelievable show!

“Once over, we collected the remains and had to be very discreet in walking through the thousands of fans outside back to the carpark, carrying the most prized possesion any KISS fan could wish for. A night we will never forget!!!!”

Thank you Paul and KISS,
Richard and Nathan P. (UK)




I saw that Paul was offering the smashed guitar experience again on this tour and it brought back such great memories from when I did this last year that I wanted to take a minute to share my experience.

When this was offered last year, my husband and I knew immediately that we just had to do it. Owning a guitar smashed by Paul on stage at the end of a KISS show is the ultimate collectible for the ultimate fan. From the moment I contacted the team, it was a great experience. On the day of the show, we went backstage to meet Paul’s guitar tech. Fran was awesome. We just hung out for a few minutes backstage, talked, and joked a bit. Fran had the guitar with him and handed it to my husband, joking around about how he carries guitars all day and needed a break.

He took us up to the suite area where we would meet Paul. Fran got us some bottled water and we sat on a sofa waiting to meet Paul. Fran took a quick picture of us waiting in the suite and then went to check on Paul. We played with the guitar a bit and just talked excitedly. We had both met Paul before but this time just seemed different. Paul was awesome, as always. It was very relaxed and easy. We had been at the show the night before and Paul commented about remembering us from the night before. We talked with Paul and took a few pictures.

Then it was time to go. We were both beyond ourselves with excitement for the moment when Paul would smash the guitar. I can’t even describe the feeling at the end of Rock n Roll All Nite when Paul walked to the side of the stage and we saw Fran hand him the guitar that we just took pictures with a few hours earlier. Before Paul smashed the guitar, he found us in the audience and pointed to us while holding the guitar up. He kissed the guitar and then smashed it. After the show, Paul dedicated the guitar with the inscription that my husband requested. We met Dean after the show and went backstage to wait for the guitar. The guitar was given to us in Paul’s signature gig bag and Fran had taped the set list from the stage to the back of the guitar. There was even confetti stuck to it! The guitar is now in a display case and is the centerpiece of our collection. You can still see the imprint from Paul’s make-up where he kissed the guitar.

It’s such an indescribable feeling to watch Paul Smash the guitar that you know is going home with you! It was an amazing experience from start to finish and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants the ultimate experience with the ultimate collectible to take home!

Thanks to Paul and everyone on the team for this awesome opportunity!

Amanda Snow

“It has been said that you should never meet your heroes. I would like to nominate Mr. Paul Stanley as an honourable exception to that rule. The night I met him on which he smashed a guitar on stage at the LG Arena in Birmingham for me is a memory that continues to thrill me, and what better way to remember it than with the signed guitar itself (which will soon be framed and take a place of pride over the hi-fi.)
“In one word – awesome.”

Neil H. (UK)